work experience day 1

Not a lot of schools do work experience, so i think that im quite lucky as i get a chance to see what its like in the real world before i join it. Its a chance to see how life will be after school, an eye opener to what your life could be like in a few years time, at school a lot of us think its boring and we dont get taught any real life skills which might be true so i want to see how many things i’ve learnt at school i actually use. We always get adults telling us that we’ll use most of the things we are taught at school when we go to work but we just dont realise it.They also tell us that we don’t know how lucky you we are, as work is a lot harder and we shouldn’t take our time at school for granted or wish our younger years at school away because we’ll miss them when we’re older. So i want to see how hard work really is and whether or not im lucky to still have a year at school  and not have to work everyday or if work is better than school. What the difference between them is and if i will look forward to leaving school still after seeing what work will be like , i want to  have this chance to see what kind of career i would be interested in going into, how hard people do work on a day to day basis and what an average day of work is really like and what kind of environment it is/ what kind of place or environment i’d like to work in when i leave school.IESBreckland

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