5 Ways To Improve Your Blog Search Rankings

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“How to improve your keywords ranking in Google?” is probably the million dollar question every website owner has ever thought.

Before starting I would suggest you to check the current position of your keywords so that it would help you to track the improvement after following our tips. Use this free tool SEMRush to help you out.

Blogging on a regular basis is vital to your website statistics. For help on blogging please just ask us for a free tutorial.

1# Optimize your blog post title
Your blog post title is the anchor text that pulls visitors in from the search engine pages. Be sure to add keywords into it, preferably the ones you want to rank for.

Actionable tip 1:

Include narrower and more targeted keywords than broad keywords. For example: If you have an article about “Long Tail Keywords” go for “Long Tail Keywords For Blog Post SEO’ rather than a broad “Long Tail Keywords” only.

Title tag preview toolAdd long tail keywords in Post title

Actionable tip 2:Try using actionable and psychological keywords in your blog post title. You can significantly boost your ranking using keywords like “updated”, “step by step guide” etc.

Increase Google search ranking using Psychological words in post title

Though these words themselves have nothing to do with SERP but they will increase your click through rate which is also a ranking factor.Actionable tip 3:Keep your title tags within 59 characters. Google considers 50-59 characters in displaying on a 512-pixel screen which means an average 55 lettered title tag is optimum.

2# Add keywords to post and media
Now that you already have content, I would suggest you to add keywords in a way that does not appear stuffed. Again, try using various related keywords in the post content that have similar search value. It will help you a lot to get ranked on Google.

Search engines have become more intuitive and can identify a cheap keyword stuffed article from really valuable ones with related keywords too.Actionable tips:

    • In an average a 2% of total wording can be used to allocate keywords.
    • For better search engine ranking, place your main keyword within the first 100 words and repeat the same in the conclusion too.
  • For images, try using alt tags that are a source for the search bots to know what your picture is about. Alt tags can dramatically increase your ranking and organic traffic via image search functionality of search engines. Also, try optimizing the image name to something related to the post rather than a random image0001, camcorderimg345 etc.

3# Internal linking
Internal linking is one of the best ways of SEO from your own site. This can also drain some search engine juice on otherwise old posts and eventually help the reader by showing him a related post of value. Confused?Actionable tips:

    • Link to related posts: You should link to related posts and on the context to your current post. Linking a page on writing skills to a post on architecture will do more harm than good. Do not link like an automated harvester. Do it at a slow and steady pace. Have a proportionate ratio of new and old posts linked. Be sure to add different anchor texts.
  • Do not suddenly increase internal linking to a post that is getting down on SERP. Instead do not link the page loosing ranking. You can try linking to pages that already have the post linked in them.

#4 Social Shares
Though social shares are always a controversial factor of boosting your search engine rankings, they for sure will help you to rank higher on Google. The more the number of social shares, the more is the referral traffic which in return means more authority and ultimately higher rankings. Crazy! Huh?Actionable tips:

    • Share the heck out of your blog posts. You haven’t toiled day night to keep the post in your closet. Instead make it shine like gold.
    • Use this tool Onlywire to share your blog posts automatically after you have published them.
    • Get responsive social share buttons on your website that allow visitors to share your content. There is no need to be everywhere, use only 4-5 networks that bring you tons of traffic. Try Monarch!
  • Try building relationships with influencers through sites like Triberr. I have gotten tons of tweets and many authoritative link backs from those bloggers using Triberr. Did you hear link backs = good position on SERPs? Lucky you!

#5 Repurpose your content
When you have created a content that is worth showing off why give it the same old costumes. Remember Donald duck and Uncle Scrooge?

Yes, they were the only species that looked good with the same costume every day. Not the same with our blog posts, though. You should repurpose your blog posts into other types of content like videos and slides that are easily rankable.

Actionable tips:

    • Convert your post into a video. You can use your existing post for this or can create a teaser with a PowerPoint presentation converted to video. Now upload it to YouTube with a link back to your blog post.
    • Convert your posts into pdf and syndicate them to sites like Slideshare. Slideshare is now the YouTube for marketers (as said by socialemediaexaminer.com). So leverage its huge potential.

Did you know search engine crawl SlideShare every second? It’s because the huge number of submissions. You can use this to get your posts ranked just after they are published.

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