7 Ways to Spring Clean your Business!

To Spring Clean your Business read our useful tips!

  1. Clean your office!

Physically Spring Cleaning your office is a must before looking at how you can refresh the rest of your business. Your office is where your Business lives and a positive working environment can drastically improve other aspects of your work. A clean office is good for sales, employee morale and also the health of you and your employees! Studies show that stress can be cause by clutter as well as mould and dust aggravating allergies and infections. This is very important but if cleaning your office is something you lack the time to do, consider hiring a cleaner.


  1. Dust of that Business Plan!

You may think that you have already succeeded what you were aiming to do in your original business plan, but you must remember that your company is still growing! Update your business plan; you don’t need to spend long doing this just think about how you would like your business to grow in the future!

  1. Clean up your inbox.

Most people find that the amount daily emails they receive can be overwhelming. It can often be a struggle to keep up with everything in your inbox and filtering out important work related emails from spam and personal ones could be a challenge. Email programs can be set up to separate your emails for you. For example, you can organise your inbox so all newsletters go to one folder, all personal emails to another etc. This means that you can easily find what you need to look at first and prioritise what is most important.

  1. Get rid of that paper! ORGANISE!

The 4th step to spring clean your business is to organise! Often companies keep old paperwork that is not needed or relevant anymore, this is just unnecessary clutter. It is also not a good idea to have important information just lying around. Scan in important documents and keep them digitally in an organised and secure system. Make sure you shred the paper copies!

  1. Clean out your inventory!

The product or service you are offering is the core of your business. Sometimes it is good to make a few changes and refresh what you are offering as this can increase sales! Looking at possible new ideas and products can also be a good idea! Get rid of things that aren’t selling!


  1. Scrub your customer lists!

Contact information changes often, people get married, divorced, move houses and get new numbers! Look at your lists and highlight customers you have not heard from in a while and check the details you have stored for them. Update this information so your only contacting customers that will actually receive your message. There are databases that can do this and you can even search Google with email addresses to test if they link up to the correct person.

  1. Refresh your social media and website!

In current times your online presence is vital to your business. This is often what your customers see first therefore having this up to date and of a good quality is extremely important! Imagine you are a customer on your website, think about what issues they might find, what they might be looking for and if its easy to find. Whilst doing this you need to think about if it is working for what you want, for example, do you want them to call you or buy directly from your site? Your social media is also important, are you regularly posting? This is a great way of showing your potential customers what you have been up to and showing great examples of your work!


Its also important to check all your links, make sure that you’re not sending your customer to dead ends or out of date content! For more things to consider when refreshing your website read 4 Common problems with your website. For our help to spring clean your business and to see our special April 2017 offers, click here!

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