7 tips for doubling your website traffic!

Updating your website often and post content people want!

The first step of increasing your website traffic is to make sure you are updating your website/blog often. This is important as updating often means that your customers have more reason to come back if there is new content to view. It also means that you are collecting more data for example you can see what posts people like. You also are more likely to get a better ranking on search engines. To help you do this you can use an editorial calendar plugin, this means you can schedule when you want to write and post. With this you can even write posts in advance if you have some free time or are feeling very inspired.

Looking at the lengths of your posts can also be very beneficial. Studies have shown that articles around 1000-1500 words are more successful than shorter ones. You’re audience will appreciate detailed posts where they can find all of what they are looking for in one place, therefore staying on your website! Although it is very important to remember quality over quantity! It is important to write compelling headlines that will bring your reader in or they wont even click to see the content you have made. 

Creating surveys

Surveys are a brilliant way of learning more about what would work best for your business. Conducting a survey will help you get an idea of what your customers like, dislike and what they would like from you. You can use free software to create these surveys, Survey Monkey for example lets you have up to 10 questions and 100 responses for no fee.

Linking and adding tags

Make sure you are linking and adding tags to your work. By adding tags you are increasing the likeliness of someone coming across your site when searching for what you are offering. Adding links to your website and other pages means that a reader can go from what you have posted to view more of your posts, products and even your social media. A good idea is to end posts with an action, this means telling your customer to call now to enquire, it is a good idea to link this to a way of contacting you.

Print Marketing 

Print Marketing can be used to gain more business in ways that you can not do with digital marketing. Print marketing has the ability to demand the readers undivided attention. As a physical object they can hold in their hand it can be much more memorable than just scrolling past an advert online. There is no limit to the reach of printed media, it can consist of anything from posters to keyring’s and USB drives. It can turn anything in to an advert for your business and creates a professional look that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Business cards can be a very effective form of networking. Although a business card may seem old fashioned leaves a lasting impression. To give someone your business card you are having a face-to-face interaction that a potential customer will remember when looking for your product. Mailing customers can also be very effective. This will appeal to some target audiences more than others but is often a brilliant way of reaching customers. It can be used in many ways, for example it can inform customers on special offers and new products, it could even be a coupon. It can help to develop long term relationships with customers. Another benefit of direct mail is that you can hit a specific target market, for example all customers in a certain geographical area. It can also give a physical example of what you do, if you are a printing business you are showing the customer the quality of the product you are offering.


Another reason to use printed marketing is that it can last longer than digital content. Digital content is mostly a constant stream of content whereas printed media can give a tactile experience that will not date as quickly. Printed media can be used in many ways to promote business, this can be in the form of loyalty cards or reward cards with discount codes to be used online. This means that a customer is more likely to visit your website if they are getting a unique benefit they wouldn’t get elsewhere. Using print means you can also specifically target your audience. For example you can send your mail out to a certain postcode or all business’ in a certain area.

Updating Social Media

Social media is used my millions of people and is the ideal way of staying in contact with customers. Create your profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and any other social media that you think would be useful for your company. It is then important to link your posts, products and services to these accounts. Software like Buffer can be used to automatically share, new and old, posts. This means they will reappear on your followers feeds and you will have more readers. When posting to your social network it is important to have a variety of content and not to just hard sell your product. You can do many types of different posts, from polls to photo posts. You can also work on making your posts more interactive. To do this you can have ‘Caption this’ style photos, asking the follower to caption an image means the customer is getting involved and making the post more popular. Another good idea for this is to give acknowledgement to a specific audience, for example, offering special deals to Mothers around Mothers day or thanking a long term customer.

It is always a good idea to look at who is following your competitors, if they are interested in them they will no doubt be interested in you and your services. Using LinkedIn means that you reach professionals who will be interested in your service directly, you can connect with local business’ and make valuable links with potential customers.

Advertising on social media 

Social media can be used to advertise your site. Facebook for example offers many different types of advertisement that can either be shown to the side of your newsfeed or in the actual feed. The type of advertisement that would be useful to your business depends on your current standing on the website. If you are starting fresh on Facebook it is best to use the sidebar ads which will target a specific audience you choose. These ads are not expensive but can be very effective for gaining likes. You could also experiment with suggested posts targeted to those who like your page and promoted posts to expand to your friends of friends. Its a good idea to offer a special offer for them to click through to your website. If you have more Facebook fans, using Sponsored Stories would be ideal for you. These mean that when people interact with your page their Facebook friends then see it. You can chose who you target specifically from people using just desktops or just mobiles.

Make sure your website works 

It is also important to make sure that your website is of a good standard. Even if you get customers to click on to your website if it is slow they will go elsewhere. You should also ensure that your website fits all devices.

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