Why your Business needs Social Media!

Social Media can be very beneficial for your Business.

Connecting with current customers

On Social Media you can find your current customers and like, follow or friend them, encouraging them to follow you. You can even send them suggestions to like your page! You can promote your social media accounts with flyers that you could put in their shopping bags for example or you could offer a special offer if the customer likes your page!

Once you have your current customers on your social media you can interact with them, this builds relationships. You can encourage them to share their thoughts and review your business. It’s also a good idea to encourage customers to ‘Check in’ if on Facebook, this then posts that they are at your Business and this will share to all their friends too!

Finding new customers

Social media can be used to find new customer in many ways! Just having a social media account and regularly posting means that new people will come across your business. You could post special discounts to new customers for example ‘10% off for new customers in July!’

Open communication- Better Customer Service!

The fact that social media is instant means that if you have a special offer or sale you can inform customers about it very fast. Unlike sending post or a magazine add they can see it instantly. Another way that social media helps communication is that customers can contact you easily if they have an issue. This means you can help resolve the problem easily.

Keep an eye on the competition

Social Media can be a great tool for looking at your competition. Not only can you look at the pages of the competition and see what they post and what does and doesn’t work for them, but you can see who follows/likes their social media! Through doing this you can think about what you can do to make you stand out!


Increase brand awareness

Using Social Media as your Business will expose your company to lots of new people! One post can reach endless amounts of people!



Staying relevant is very important in Business and Social Media is an ever growing media platform that is very relevant! Being on social media means you are with the times and modern and this is important to a customer.



Another benefit of using these sites is that the majority are free! This means it is a fantastic way of advertising your business especially if you have a small budget. A great addition to using basic social media is advertisements that you can pay for on the sites. These are not as expensive as an ad in a magazine for example and can be set to specifically target a certain group of people (your target audience).

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