4 Graphic Design Myths

At Limelight Design and Print in Bury St Edmunds, we pride ourselves in being one of the very best Graphic Design Studios in Suffolk along with having great customer service. This blog should hopefully highlight some graphic design myths that you may not know. After all, the more our clients know, the better their project can be.

 1. Graphic Design is Easy

People think graphic design is so easy that anybody can do it—it’s just like playing a game like Fifa 16.  Nothing could be further from the truth. Our professional graphic designers have talent, training and experience.  Our designers do research in order to be well informed about industry and cultural trends—this knowledge forms our high standards.  Chances are that if your competition has impressive business cards, they were done by a professional graphic design firm but we will always make sure we make yours better than your competitors.

2.  I’ll be my own Graphic Designer and Save a Fortune.

And you’ll probably lose your mind as well as your money.  Hiring a graphic designer such as one from Limelight Design and Print can actually ensure that your project remains on budget and on schedule.  They know how to use programs like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop professionally and have the experience to correct mistakes, or even spot potential problems before the job goes to final printing.  Would you prefer to pay extra money for reprints because your staff did not notice flaws, or spend slightly more up front for work that will be done correctly? And as we are also a Printing company we can also make sure that your prints are extra perfect.

3. Graphic Designers Have Psychic Powers

The Graphic Design business would be less complicated if clients and certain designers understood that guesswork is not allowed.  Some clients do issue, vague, indefinite and unhelpful job descriptions, but a few graphic designers compound the problem by solving it themselves.  When the job details are confusing, a graphic designer must contact the client and clear up the misunderstanding(s). That is why a good brief from clients is so important and not only will it make it easier for our graphic designer but it will also save you money as we will not need to spend extra time trying to understand what you want!

4. The Client is Always Right

To a certain extent ‘yes’, to a certain extent ‘no’. People think that if a client pays for a job, they should control every aspect of it.  Graphic designers have the talent and training to develop a design—they aren’t robots following client instructions. We’ve found that most clients appreciate that and we will listen to your comments if you want changes as it is your work, but most clients just want a product that raises brand awareness and profits.

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