10 reasons why you need a professional to design your logo

A logo can be described as the face of a company. In fact, a logo is one of
the most important branding investments a business can make. For this
reason we recommend having your logo designed by a professional – here
are our top 10 reasons why:

1. First impressions are KEY: As humans it’s only natural that we
instantly make judgements based on what we see and hear. A good
logo will ensure a positive reaction, and remember that studies show
people can process images 60,000 time faster than text.

2. Your image is the most important thing about your business: If you
already have an existing logo and think you may need a redesign –
you may be right! A logo redesign is often the first step when creating
a brand overhaul. Consult a graphic designer for their opinion; they
should be willing to tell you their thoughts!

3. It makes selling easier: If you have clear branding that is fluent
across your website/marketing material people will recognise your
logo and encourage brand retention.

4. Trust: Having a professional and smart logo will encourage
customers to trust you to deliver what they’re expecting. When they
see your logo on your website or social media, this will then become
a recognisable image to your target audience.

5. Stand out from the crowd: A logo that has been well designed will
make you stand out from the crowd no matter how crowded the
market may be. A good logo will have a 13% higher chance of getting
the attention of your target audience.

6. The wealth of experience that comes with a professional designer
is invaluable. They have a good sense of what will work once given
the brief. The will also know how to liaise with you – the client.

7. You will use it for all of your marketing materials: Your designer
should make sure that the file type is suitable for reproduction on
your various products including large scale signage – which can
ultimately aid in growing your business.

8. It isn’t as easy as it looks: The chances are that when you
approach a professional, your logo will be created by a designer who
has a degree or a vast knowledge of the design industry.

9. A logo grows with your business: A good logo will be adaptable
and possibly change as your ideas and concepts develop. Having a
professional adapt your logo should ensure a thoroughly thought out
result that works best for you.

10. It sounds silly, but the legalities of a logo can be overlooked.
People may think that they can have an icon from a film or TV series
incorporated into their logo without consulting the right authorities.
Hiring a professional will ensure there are no copyright issues and
save you a lot of bother.


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