How to stop customers buying based on price!

Stop customers buying based on price!

Helpful tips to stop customers buying based on price!

Know your customer!

The first thing to do is to make sure you know your customer! To do this you should develop a customer persona.

What is a persona?

A persona should be a snapshot of your customer. Examples of information you should include are age, gender, occupation and hobbies. Having this information means that you know about your customer and you can understand what would make them buy from you. This means you can attract the customer in a way that will work.

Usually this is to attract customers, but sometimes if you lose a customer you can look at them to see why they left so you know what to do differently in the future! This means looking at not only what they want you to do but also what they don’t!


Know your competition

Knowing your competition is really important so you can see what they are doing differently and what you can learn from them. You want to look at why customers are going to them and see how you can market yourself to attract those customers. Researching your competitor’s will give you a huge insight in to how they market themselves.

stop your customers buying based on price


Shout about your USP

USP means Unique Selling Point; this is what makes your business individual. It’s not only important that your customers know your USP but that you know it too! Think about what makes you stand out amongst your competitors, and what would make your customers choose you. Your USP gives you something to stand for and gives your customers a reason to stand for you, make your USP stand out!


Make your customers spend more!

This means letting your customer choose the cheaper option but then interesting them in other products, to do this you need to be competitive on price but then show them how your company could benefit them. This means showing your customer that the more they spend the more value the product has. Another way of doing this is offering special offers when they spend a certain amount for example ‘20% off when you spend £100’ or ‘Free Photo frame with every new order!’.


Doing this means that your customers develop loyalty to you, this means that they will continue to come back based on your company and not the price. Having loyalty cards and offering existing customer discounts can help with this. This all helps to stop customers buying based on price!

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