Sport in England and in Italy

Hi,my name is Gerardo,i’m from Rome,Italy an I’m doing my first work experience in Bury St Edmunds. I’m attending the third class of classic High School where I study also Latin and Greek,when I don’t study I often go out with my friends and play football or basketball. Although I live in Rome my favourite team is A.C. Milan and with my father I went three times to the Olympic Stadium  in Rome to watch a football match. A.C. Milan is maybe the best Italian football team ever and it’s the team with most European Championships of the world. Today is not very good but in the past in this team have been played some of the best Italian players such as Maldini or Baresi and also the best African player ever,George Weah. Talking about basketball I’m a supporter of U.S. Avellino, a small city in the south of my country where my father was born and where I watched a lot of matches.

There are a lot of differences between sport in England and in Italy,for example Rugby,a beautiful sport, in Italy is not very practiced and our National Team is not very good but in England this is an important sport and also the National team is good. Basketball in Italy us quite important and we have four players in the major league of the world called “NBA” in U.S.A. instead in England is not practiced like in my country and there are a few fans of this incredible sport.

A few days ago in London has been played Wimbledon, the most important tournament for his charm and history of the world. When there is this championship there are a lot of spectators and also a lot of people at the stadium watching tennis matches. In Italy we have got the ATP of Rome where the best players such as Djokovic or Federer play but this sport  is not followed by the Italians. In U.K. there is the third best player of the world, Andy Murray from Scotland and our best player is the twenty-fourth of the world.

About football there are a lot of things to say and to talk about. First this sport was invented on the XIX century in England and today  Premier League is the best football championship of the world  thanks to its supporters and the atmosphere you can feel only watching Premier League matches on TV. I think that this sport is very popular in this country because the young generations can learn how to play in one of the numerous parks of England . I watch every week some football matches from Italy and I support Chelsea and also West Ham United because years ago Paolo Di Canio, an Italian player, played for this team. There are also some problems of football in England,now a days is the expensive cost of the tickets but the biggest problem was in the past with the Hooligans phenomenon that all English people unfortunately know well.

In Italy football is the National sport and the most practiced. There are a lot of football team in Rome,one for district, but the best are certainly A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio, In our league called “Serie A” there are three important teams that are Milan, Juventus and Internazionale but today if we remove the second one our Championship is poor of good teams and brilliant talents. The national team is the second for World Championships with four cups while Brazil has got five.

The Hooligans problem is well known in our country because today some supporters, often fascist, of Juventus and Lazio do despicable actions.

Last but not least there are sports like golf or cricket that in Italy we practically ignore but that maybe  deserves more attention.sports

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