How to make selling through social media work!

How to make selling through social media work!

Social media, if used correctly, is a brilliant way to connect with your customers and make sales. Statistics have shown that social media really can create sales and win you new clients.

1) Quality Content and a Clear Call to Action

People may visit yours social media pages for many reasons. Most the time they want to do something or learn something. Reasons people might visit include:

  • Looking for information on your company
  • Looking for details of products or services
  • Special deals or offers
  • To see if you have any contests
  • Tips and how-to tricks

It’s important to cater for all these customers as if they don’t find what they need it is unlikely they will return. Not only is it important to show what they are looking for but you want them to do something with it, this is why a call to action is so important.  An example of a post with a clear call to action is…

“Click here” or “Enter to win…”

When deciding on what content you should include a good idea is to stick to the 70-20-10 rule. This means…

  • 70% should be information that is valuable and relevant to your viewers
  • 20% should be content that comes from other people
  • 10% should be promotional – directly selling products

By experimenting with different post types you can see what your visitors are mostly looking for and post more of this helping with selling through Social Media.

2) Urgency!

As social media is so busy you have limited time to catch the attention of the person. Using time limiting words like ‘This week only…” mean that your customer will benefit from buying now rather than later. Ideas for offers are:

  • ‘Free shipping today only!’
  • ‘30% off when you shop online this week!’
3) Offer Deals only for social media

For example… “Facebook exclusive: 20% off!’ This is a great way to reach a particular audience.

4) Stay Current!

Make sure your page clearly shows what you do and who your brand is. Make sure all your contact information is up to date and correct, this means checking for spelling mistakes too! Updating your social media often is also very important! This is vital for selling through social media.

5) Ask them to share!

Asking your followers and page visitors to share something means that your post will reach a wider audience as all of their friends will see your post too! A great way to do this is to holding a competition and getting them to share to enter.


Read more on why social media is so important for businesses here! For help with your social media contact Limelight Design & Print today! 



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