The Power of Promotional Gifts

The Power of Promotional Gifts

It’€™s a jungle out there. Take your eye off your customers, and your competitors swoop down and grab them. Ok, maybe a little dramatic, but customers often aren’€™t as loyal as you’€™d like to think. Building relationships increases the loyalty odds and, as we know, loyalty = repeat business. You’€™ve gone to the effort of gaining the customer, it doesn’€™t pay to ignore them now.

Free gift inside
A time-bound discount is sometimes a good way to prompt people to buy, especially for customers who are solely motivated by price. But that’€™s not everyone. The trouble with discounting is it sets an expectation of a lower price next time the customer is ready to buy.

Consider giving them a free gift with their purchase instead. One benefit is that it incentivises the person placing the order – and that may not necessarily be the person paying the invoice. Think of all those airline miles, paid for by companies, redeemed on trips to Barbados. Or the stationery supplier who gives a free pack of biscuits with every order, compared to the one who’€™s a little cheaper. Who do you think the office junior will order from? Correct. And their next tough decision is who’€™s going to brew up.

Promotional gifts, really work…
…as a thank you

• After a customer has ordered, to thank them for their business.

• On the anniversary of their first order
with you
. A reminder that you appreciate their business.

• At Christmas. It’€™s a time for giving€“ and ensuring you’re remembered in the new year.

…as a give away

• At trade shows. If they make the effort to visit your stand, don’€™t let them go away empty handed.

•  To everyone who attends your
conferences or meetings. 
If they’€™ve forgotten a pen or something to write on, give them something branded with your details which they’€™ll use and take away with them.

…as a call to action

•  To encourage an order. Order by the end of the week and receive a free XX!€™.

TOP TIP – A thank you is more powerful when the promotional gift is sent separately, rather than in the box with their order. It shows you’€™ve gone that extra mile.

The World is your Mousemat€
So how do you go about choosing the right promotional gifts to get your message across? There are thousands of gifts available -€“ from the clever to the bizarre. Here’€™s some top tips to help you decide what’€™s best for you:

1. Make them useful
89% of people say they would keep an item if it were useful. Makes sense, if it has a use, customers will use it.

2. Make it complement your business
If the gift is relevant to your business or your customer demographic, you won’€™t get funny looks. Try a bottle opener if you run a wine shop. Or a sports bottle if you run a gym. How about a mousemat if you repair computers?

3. It’€™s about perceived value
How much it’€™s worth to the customer, rather than what it costs you. The more valuable your gift is perceived to be, the better the response. For instance, a wall planner might cost you as little as 30p/45c each -€“ but your customer would have to pay ten times that to buy one from a stationery shop.

Talk to us today and or pop in to our Bury St Edmunds office to find some gifts to suit your business.

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