Part 4 – Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Folded Leaflets

 Fold it and save on postage!

Folded leaflets make great mini brochures. Imagine the world before some clever Henry invented folding. Imagine the size of linen cupboard you’d need to fit your duvet cover in? Well, if you’ve got more to say than you can fit on a leaflet, get a bigger leaflet and fold it. Makes sense really. They’’re easier to handle, cheaper than a booklet and cheaper to mail out (if you follow Royal Mail’s guidelines).

Some of our more popular folds – ask if you don’t see the one you want!


Half Fold

HALF Folded in half on long edge. Available on A5 and bigger.



LANDSCAPE HALF Folded in half on short edge to make tall or skinny shape. Available on A5 and bigger.



3 PANEL ROLL Folded into 3 panels, with the third panel tucked inside the others. Available on A4 and bigger.



4 PANEL ROLL Folded into 4 panels, with each panel tucked inside the previous. Available on 4 panel DL, 4 panel A5 and 4 panel A4.



3 PANEL CONCERTINA Folded into 3 panels, like a concertina, into a ‘Z’ shape. Available on A4 and bigger.



4 PANEL CONCERTINA Folded into 4 panels, like a concertina, into a ‘M’ shape. Available on 4 panel DL, 4 panel A5 and 4 panel A4.



CROSS Folded in half, then half again, to end up quarter of original size. Available on A4 and bigger.



Limelight design and print quality Folded Leaflets. We offer great deals on folded leaflets why not have a look today or contact us today!

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