Part 3: Get more customers: The super secret cheat guide: Dazzling Design!


The quality of your design makes all the difference in the success of your print…

Here are our top 6 tips to a design for print that dazzles!

Know your purpose

Ask yourself… “what do I want the reader to do?” and work back from there. Define your objectives.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? Before you start a new design for print, be absolutely clear what you want.

Is it to sell something directly? Is it to support you during a sales meeting? Is it to launch a new product to existing customers? Or introduce your business to new prospects?


What size? What finish? There is such a huge range of papers you can select the perfect one for what you are doing. A perfect design needs perfect print to show it off!

The perfect copy.

You may think the quality of your text isn’t that important but it can make or break your print. Headlines aren’t just something to add at the last minute, create them early to make sure they fit with the design you are aiming for.

Limit your fonts

Don’t over complicate with too many fonts, keep it looking professional! Read more on using the right font here.

Beautiful images

Professional images make all the difference. Even if you can’t afford to have your own photos taken, use quality stock photos. Use high-quality images and you’ll thank yourself later!

Ask others (or us!)

Cheat. Ask for early feedback from existing friendly faces. Ask them “after you’ve read this, what would you do?” If it isn’t what you want, try again.

Limelight Design & Print offer top quality Graphic Design by our fabulous Designer. We’re here to help with the whole process whether you are designing it yourself and need us to have the final tweak or you want us to handle it all! Contact us today for our expert advice. 

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