Letizia Ibba

I’m Letizia Ibba, I’m 16 years old and I live in Italy, in a city of Sardinia. I study in the Scientific school and my favourites subjects are maths and English.  I play Volleyball and I’m in a team, I’m a scout and I play piano. I’m in Bury since Sunday and I will return in Italy on next Sunday. I’m here with my school and we are almost 53, some are in family and other, including me, are in Residence and only 25 students work. When I don’t work I fall the lesson in the residence, so also this afternoon I am falling the lesson with the Teacher. This is a nice place and I am working here since Monday and I am finishing to work Friday because Saturday I am going with my school to London and I am very happy because I love London but unfortunately I went there only a time and I am stayed little time so I can not wait to go. These days at Bury are very nice because at morning I work, in the afternoon I fall the lesson and in the evening with my school I do always different things, in fact Tuesday I went to play bowling and it was very funny, while yesterday I went to laser quest and I had fun very much. Today I am staying at Bury and I am entering in the shops but mostly to Starbucks because in Italy there isn’t and also at Mcdonald because I don’t like the meal and the dinner at the residence, I am used to eat very good in Italy and the food in England I don’t like. England is very different compared to Sardinia, mostly for the food but also for the weather because in Sardinia there is always hot and I’m used to see the sun and to go to the beaches that are very beautiful while here there is always cold, the sun is always hidden and It’s very strange to see people with t-shirt while I have the jacket, also the road are very strange for me. Instead the music is the same that I listen in fact at work I am happy because there is music that I like for example Ed Sheeran, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons. Anyway I don’t want return at home because I will have to study very much. I am falling the third year of school and every day I have to give exams and It’s very stressful but for now I’m very happy to be here.

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