How do you increase your chances of winning?

Maybe they’re just not that into youYou emailed or called a business you wanted to buy from. You asked for a quote. They said they’d get back to you. They didn’t. You chased. Nothing. How often does that happen?Maybe they did email a quote. Then what? Never hear from them again? You’re wondering, how much did they really want my business?

It’s crazy. We all spend money on advertising and marketing to generate enquiries. If we don’t properly follow up on those enquiries, how do we expect them to turn into customers?


It started with a thump on the doormat…

What if that was your business taking the enquiry? Maybe your team answer calls in three rings. Perhaps you reply to email enquiries in a few hours. Great.

Then what?

Chances are, the Enquirer also got quotes from your competitors. How do you increase your chances of winning?

Follow up. Every time. Print your quote or proposal and mail it to them. Sure, it’ll cost a quid or so in postage. But what’s the lifetime value of that customer worth to you? Probably more than a quid.


But only one of them asked for the order…

Here’s the secret. If you follow up, you might be the only one who does.

Think about it. Would you choose a business who was disinterested at the quote stage? If they’re sluggish then, how responsive will they be when you’ve paid them to work for you?

A quote in the post is good. But it can work harder. Use a folder. A beautiful folder. It gives you gravitas. You’ll look impressive. Use the inside to sell your benefits. Why should they choose you? Fill with photos of other projects, awards or client reviews.

We’ve cut the price of our folders since last year. So why not have a look at how folders could power dress your documents. 

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