Get Cute With Cut-Outs.. Get Yourself Noticed!

Did you love origami as a kid? Well it’s time to dust off your origami black belt, get cutting and engage in some creative paper engineering. With our cut out flyers you can have stand out flyers easily.

Bespoke cut-out shapes are normally an expensive addition to your marketing campaign. Not any more. With our revolutionary techniques, you’ll pay a fraction of the usual costs and make your marketing stand out from the clutter.

Clutter is Evil
You’ve only got a few seconds to grab attention. There’s no substitute for a relevant, well-written headline, but you can increase your odds by making your mailer an interesting shape. People notice difference. Selling sports goods? Make your mailer the shape of a football. Coffee Shop? How about a flyer in the shape of a coffee cup?

Make it Clear and Say it Loud
The most important thing to decide is what’s your message? What are you trying to tell your recipient? Why are you contacting them? Say it out loud. Did you waffle? Let’s try again. This time, try to compress your “pitch” into five seconds. If you can’t verbalise it in five seconds, you’ll struggle to keep your reader’s attention. Keep working on this until you’re happy with the reason for creating the marketing item. If you’re completely stuck, give us a call for help.

Make it Visual and Make it Sell
You’ve got the message. It’s short. It’s punchy. It leaves no-one in any doubt as to what you’re trying to tell them. Great. Now think creatively.

How can you add impact to this message with a shape? Are you trying to make people wealthier? Make your mailer the shape of an upwards arrow. Estate Agent? How about a house-shaped flyer? Dentist? Wow. When did you last see a tooth-shaped flyer?

It’s a Material World
What finish will your item have? Does it need to be written on? Should it feel heavy? Shiny or matt? There are lots of materials to choose from see here.

Think Outside the Rectangle
How big will your item be? You could go as small as a business card or as big as a poster. Decide what you want your finished size to be, then check out our fixed prices. Find the size of rectangle that fits your design (maybe A5 or A3) and Bob’s your auntie (at the weekends).

Don’t Ruin it With Amateur Design
Now all that’s left is to come up with a creative design and some mouth-watering copy. Try this yourself, or get us involved early on. We can help with the whole process and work to your budget.

Also remember to have a good browse through our site Limelight Design and Print as we offer many different things like Signage, Print, Website Design, Vehicle Graphics and Graphic Design.

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