Limelight Design & Print Compliment Slips in Bury St Edmunds

Compliment Slips in Bury St Edmunds

Compliment Slips

Add a personal touch to your branding

80gsm - 120gsm and various finishes

Compliment Slip printing is what we’ve done best for over 10 years

Your stationery is your image. Like it or not, people judge you. If your letterheads look sloppy, they’’ll assume your work is too. If your logo looks dated, they’’ll figure your business is out of touch.

If your stationery is home-made, they’’ll worry that your business is your hobby and you’re not serious. Badly designed stationery may cost you a lot more than well designed and well crafted stuff.

Complement your letterheads and compliment slips with our great range of business cards.


We set our paper chefs a challenge… to improve the recipe of our best-selling Corporate Letterheads. You know what? They’ve only gone and done it.?? We’re proud to unveil all new Corporate Letterheads. They’re whiter and brighter than ever before and now a whopping 120gsm thick.


Give yourself a little warm glow inside by saving the life of a tree. His name is Ken. Our Recycled Stationery is made from 100% post-consumer waste – but don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you can see last week’s curry in every sheet – it’s surprisingly smooth and white.


When you walk into a room, do you turn everyone’s head? Then maybe you should put some clothes on. Seriously, if you want the same reaction when you send a letter, choose Conqueror Stonemarque. It won’t fail to impress and it’s thicker than a polar bear sandwich*.

*metaphorically, not actually.

Need design? Get a full design service and quality Compliment Slip printing to match!

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