Alessia Angioni

Hi people!
My name is Alessia, I’m 16 and I'm an Italian student.
I live in Carbonia, a small town in the south-west of Sardinia, a big island in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia is so famous for its beautiful beaches and places. I love so much our sea: every summer, from June to September, I go to the sea with my family or with my friend. Generally Sardish people are so proud of origins, me included.
I study at the Scientific High School and my favourite school subjects are P.E., Philosophy and Biology. After the High School I’m going to go to the University, but I don’t know yet which University faculty I’ll choose. I like so much sports in general, specially football and volleyball; I play volleyball three times a week and on Sundays me and my team play the match. In my free time I’m usually going out with my friends, I’m reading books (I prefer fantasy stories) or I’m listening to music, generally Ed Sheeran or Italian rappers.
My parents are nurses and they work together in the hospital; my father also coaches a male football team U13 three time a week. I’ve got a brother, Alberto: he is 14, he study at the High School Sports and he play football three times a week and on Sundays he play the match (like me).

I’m in England (in Bury St. Edmunds) since Sunday 19th and I'll return in Italy on Sunday 26th. I'm here for work experience with other 52 students from my school. In Italian schools, if we want to get the graduation at the high schools every student need to do 200 hours of work experience (that we call alternanza scuola-lavoro) and we can try different jobs.
Not all my classmates can work here. Before Sunday, we did an English test and only the better 25 of us are working here (someone works in a bar, someone in a restaurant ecc.); the others stay at school and have lesson with a British teacher.
I'm working in the afternoon at the Limelight Design & Print and today is my second day of work. Yesterday I drew a figure (Cupid) with a computer programme; today I'm writing this post! This place is so nice and comfortable and the people are so nice, too.
In the morning I have lesson with my friend and a British teacher at the BLS Junior Centre and Residence. For us it's not so simple understand him because he speak so fast and in Italy we learn to write down in English, not to listen and speak. On Saturday 25th we and our teachers will go to London all the day.
I've already been in England the last summer, on June and July, for two weeks. I was at the Westminster University in London and that was the first time I leaved my country. We were about 80 Italian teenagers and we "lived" in the Westminster College with other teenagers from other different country: there were a lot of Spanish people but also Russian and Ukrainians. Instead this time me and my friend are living with a family in a house near Bury. The family is lovely! Alex, our dad-for-a-week, is so funny: he likes so much listen to music and sing and he talk a lot with us; Sarah, our mom-for-a-day, is nice and cute: she likes cooking (she cooks very well!). They have a son, Oliver, who lives with them, and a daughter, Sophie, who lives with her boyfriend. I saw Oliver just sometimes, but he's cool and nice. Sometimes Alex and Sarah ask to me and my friend how we say a word in Italian. Yesterday evening, when Oliver came back at home, he greeted me and my friend in Italian, so cute! I know I'll miss them so much.
Not all of us are living with a family in this week; in fact, a lot of students are living in the BLS Residence, where there are also our teachers.
Almost everything in England is different than Italy. Somethings are really strange for me, for example the cars and the roads: in Italy we drive to the right, not to the left, and in the opposite verse. Another different things are the meals: British people have a big breakfast, a little lunch about 12am and a big dinner and have dinner at 7pm or 8pm; in Italy we have a little breakfast, a medium lunch at 1.30pm or 2pm, a big dinner about 9.30pm and a little brea
k between lunch and dinner when we eat a sandwich or sweeties. Here we can pay everywhere and everything with the credit card; in my town we can pay with the card only in supermarkets or big shops. In Bury almost every shop or supermarket closes about 6pm, instead in Italy every place closes about 8pm or 9pm and everything is cheaper than here. The pc's keyboard too is different than Italian keyboard: we have other and more keys.

I think I’ve finished my post, maybe it’s too long. I hope I’ve wrote all in the right way, but I don’t think that’s it: so, I’m sorry for my grammatical errors!

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