A2 Correx Boards

We are offering A2 correx boards for just £9.99, this is a great size allowing text to be readable for viewers at a distance, attracting the attention you are after. These boards are a great tool for promotion, you can have any information upon the board which you desire including logos, slogans, contact information etc.
Correx boards are made from a lightweight durable fluted plastic, which is weatherproof and UV-resistant. These boards are economical and are a good choice for short-term indoor and outdoor signs, such as sale signs, promoting events and other road side advertising.
Correx boards can be printed with any design or colour scheme you desire. To make your sign really stand out, use high-contrast designs and high-impact colour combinations. Since you don’t have to worry about the ink on Correx signs fading or scratching away, you can feel free to get creative with your colour combinations. With the lightweight nature of correx boards, they can be easily displayed using tape, glue, or nails. For an impressive in-store display, pre-drill the Correx board and then hang with string.
For more info email us: jessica@burystedmundsprinting.com or phone on 01284 848640


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