How to grow your business


The marketing Industry is one that is constantly changing and adapting to all the new things going on in the business and social world

In order to make the most of your marketing campaigns there are 5 tools that are useful to follow.

1.Google Analytics

This is free from google, it tracks and reports website traffic. This is highly beneficial in the marketing world as it provides valuable information on how successful your marketing campaigns are.

2.Blogging software (WordPress)

Many people promote their products through a blog. This blog can appear on a professional website or through a personal blogging software programme. A blog can be used to express what you want about your product, service or business all for marketing or informative purposes.


Hootsuite is a free service that provides a social media management system for brand management. The system takes the form of a Dashboard and supports many social media programmes such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. Many businesses have multiple social media or email accounts to take care of and it’s almost impossible to manage them all at once. This is where Hootsuite is a great benefit to any companies looking to continuously market their business or product online. Hootsuite allows your social media and pages to be managed from one dashboard so it saves time on the endless task of signing in and out of the variety of social media and accounts you and your business may use daily.

4.Email Marketing (Mailchimp)

Email marketing is a highly effective way of marketing your business online and getting the word out there. Email marketing involves sending multiple emails to potential or existing clients, with eye catching graphics that are informative yet interesting to read. Email marketing is still one of the most popular marketing techniques and therefore businesses rely on programmes like Mail Chimp to help create better email campaigns and achieve better results


The site allows viewers to upload, view and share videos and is perfect for anyone wanting to market their business or products in a fun and exciting way that is guaranteed to get more views. The wide range of media, including video or educational programmes etc., means that your marketing video could be viewed by all types of potential clients, with users being allowed to comment and reply which would provide your company with essential market and consumer research. YouTube is a website that can be viewed on almost all technological devices and is therefore a great way to market any product on a channel that is hugely popular worldwide.

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