How To Boost Your Brand With Stickers

What’s the appeal of stickers?

They’re affordable, fun and you can stick them anywhere you like.

You can put whatever you like on stickers -?? your logo, web address, a photograph, a cool illustration. What’s more, with our Stickers you can have a different design on each sticker on the sheet -?? perfect to highlight different offers and promotions to your customers. They’re also great for labeling, organizing your paperwork and adding to gift boxes. Here’s a few ideas…


Got a logo? (talk to us if you don’t!) Put it on a sticker. Now you’re ready to put your mark on anything you like. Perhaps you’re planning a bit of guerilla marketing, or want to brand everything in sight. It’s great way to spread the word about your business.Mailing stickers
Our Rectangle Kiss-cut stickers are ideal for mailing stickers. Let your customer know how important they are by adding “Urgent” or “Priority” to their package. They also make great return labels, just add your logo and address.

Filing labels
Create your own labels to stick on the outside of files, no more scribbling out the old title â?? simply pop a new label over the top and write on the new contents. They’ll look professional and keep everything neat and tidy.

Give them to your customers
Everyone loves a sticker. Give them out with orders, mail outs and invoices, your customer will stick them to their belongings and be reminded of you. Put together a few designs so they can pick their favourite. They’ll see it again and again as they go throughout their day. Excellent for giving out at events, launches and exhibitions.

Product packaging
Circular stickers are perfect for sealing wrapping paper or adding to gift boxes. They add a little bit of personalisation that will make your packaging stand out and look professional. Our Rectangle ones also make great labels for jam and chutney jars.

Name tags
Hosting a network meeting, taking part in an event or exhibition? Let everyone know who’s who by wearing rectangular stickers displaying their name alongside your logo and organisation. Now they’ll remember your name as well as your brilliant ideas.

Business cards
Stickers make business cards more intriguing. Try out a few designs on the sheet and hand out different coloured ones depending on your mood or what part of your business or services you’re trying to promote. They’ll make an impression be stuck somewhere handy to refer to later.

Say well done
Stick some praise on your pupils with behaviour and motivational merit stickers. Encourage their attendance and punctuality by awarding them for 100% attendance in a month or being on time all week. Give them a boost by adding stickers to a chart for full marks in a test or outstanding homework.

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