Website Design – Why we love WordPress!

Here at Limelight Design and Print, we love Website Design.

We especially love website design which works for our clients, making sure that they get the most out of their websites is what we aim for. Not only should your website look beautiful, but it should also function in a way which is quick and easy for your clients.

Website design has two main goals it has to meet. Your website needs to be attractive from a design point of view and it needs to function properly.

Attraction only goes skin deep in website design.

It’s all well and good having a beautifully designed website. Good design makes sure that people can navigate themselves through your website in a quick, easy and efficient manner. Making sure that your website has great call to action is an important aspect of website design which is often missed – giving your customers direct contact routes on every page is essential. This will guarantee a better click through rate and will also mean hopefully more enquiries!

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbFunctionality is very important.

Functionality in website design is the bit we don’t see, all the mechanics, nuts and bolt’s behind which your website runs on. It’s the part we all get scared about, the tricky stuff, which includes Code, HTML, Javascript and CSS. Technical words within website design, which can scare people off and turn people away. It’s understandable, learning the language of Code is a tricky prospect indeed.

At Limelight we make sure that your website design project is handled well on both aspects, attraction and functionality.

It’s the functionality aspect that we want to focus on with this blog post. We use WordPress, a CMS (Content Management System) for all of our websites. This means that the customer (you) can edit every page of your website, add in text, images, videos, and any other media into the pages. You can delete pages, add pages, adjust your navigation and adjust various settings within the site, to keep your site relevant and up to date. Your website will change over time, it will need to be updated, as your business changes, so having a flexible CMS running behind your website is essential. WordPress allows you the flexibility to have total control, over whats being written and posted on your website. The more control the better, we hand you the reigns, give you your own logins to WordPress so that you can control your website from your computer at home or work.

If you would like to know more about ur website design services, please contact us, or in the meantime view our portfolio here.

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